Some jobs are disposable, and that is a good thing

HGEA (Hawaii Government Employees Association) is Hawaii’s largest union, because the government is Hawaii’s largest employer. More on this incredible atrocity later.

HGEA has been putting up posters at the mall proclaiming that “No worker should be disposable.” This is one of them. (I couldn’t get a bigger size because their web site is broken. Hm.)


Hey, I agree with that! People are not single-purpose, single-use trash. They should not have to retire, or be euthanized, they are valuable and can continue to work. If the job they are currently doing ceases to be important, hey, people are flexible, intelligent creatures who can easily learn to perform another job.


Somehow, looking at that poster, I don’t think this is what HGEA is trying to say.

They are trying to protect not the people, but… their jobs. I’m not sure, but I would guess that despite its infinite wisdom, from time to time, the government might create a job unnecessarily. And in time, the constant march of progress might make some jobs obsolete. It is not at all inconceivable.

I hope we can all agree: Some jobs really are unnecessary.


The war HGEA is waging hurts the state, the citizens of Hawaii, AND the union members. In the process, HGEA (and every union, really) paints its members as inflexible, untrainable, mindless, helpless workers who would surely perish if their position was eliminated.


I just don’t know what to say to that, so I’ll end here. Enjoy the short(-ish?) post.

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