Sending out a big announcement re: Bigger Bird…

About to send out a BIG announcement to our Bigger Bird clients and partners, as well as friends and family who, for whatever reason, aren’t connected via Facebook. We have been researching and planning for two months (and on-and-off for the past few years) to make sure the plan is sound, and we are finally ready to announce it to everyone (drumroll):

We are moving to Korea!

We plan to live in Seoul for a year, starting in June. We bought our plane tickets last week, so we are committed.

How will all this work? Why are we going? Read the full announcement here:

The announcement will go out to our email list tomorrow. Then, I anxiously wait to see what our clients think of our plan…

P.S. If you are interested in receiving emails like this re: Bigger Bird, by all means please join our email list. (Very low volume… I’d like to send out 1 email per month, but the reality is closer to 1/quarter or 1/year.)


  1. Ben Trevino says:

    Congratulations on the move! It sounds very exciting!

  2. Kent Nishimrua says:

    congrats!!! sounds fun!

  3. msortijas says:

    As someone who’s interested in working remotely, I’m curious to know what tools and apps you’ll use to run your business from Korea?On a related note, Citrix has a cool blog on this topic: It covers all aspects of the teleworking lifestyle. Best of luck!

  4. Aaron Namba says:

    @msortijas: We prepared for the move gradually over about a year or so (although we didn’t make the actual, final decision to move until about 6 months prior).Our in-house developed VOIP phone system was one piece, we were able to keep using the same 808 numbers. Email is obviously huge. I initially thought GoToMeeting and Skype would be big, but we’ve only used Skype just to catch up with family, and haven’t used GoToMeeting even once.Postal mail was a tricky one. I’ve redirected as much of our mail as possible to an EarthClassMail box on the mainland, and my brother scans the rest for me. I’m not 100% happy with ECM (and it ain’t cheap) but it is working. They open, scan and shred mail, and handle check deposit via ACH as well. If I really need to have a mail piece in my hands (like a replacement credit card) I can have it forwarded to me in looks interesting, I’ll check it out!

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