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On Free Lunches

Seoul is currently all abuzz with what I’m told is its first-ever referendum: the issue of free school lunches. Problem is, I’m not sure people have considered even the most basic facts before forming an opinion.

Let me open by saying I am all for free school lunches. In both Korea and the U.S., there are some kids who, for various reasons, would literally have nothing to eat all day if they weren’t provided a lunch by the school. If we, as a society, can help these kids by giving them one meal a day, we must.

Now, in Seoul, where this issue is being debated, how many children are in this kind of situation, or something remotely close to it? I’m thinking 5% would be the absolute high end.

Here’s the thing: Seoul already provides free lunches for the bottom 35%.

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DMZ Tour Notes

Annie and I went on a DMZ tour this past Saturday, June 11, which was hosted (and likely subsidized) by the Yeoksam Global Village Center, which I am quite familiar with because I attend Korean class there twice a week. And likely because of this familiarity, the center staff asked me to do a short writeup and share my thoughts.

I originally intended to write a paragraph or two, but got carried away and wrote a bit more than they probably expected. Since I spent some time on it, I thought I’d post it here as well.

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